Mt. Dew Challenge

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Mt.Dew Challenge

Tom Hiester invented the Mt. Dew Challenge concept. He got the idea from up at Big Diamond one summer. What we did is took the top ten drivers in sprint points and had a one lap dash race. If you crash on your one lap race you lost, you are done. First man to the finish wins and then gets to call out a name of who he wants to race next.
The tenth place person in points gets to pick anyone challenger between 1st and 9th in points to race and which lane they choose to start on.  The winner of that race can call out any other eligible racer.  This continues until there are only two drivers left and the winner of this last race is declared the winner of the Mt. Dew Challenge.

Mt.Dew Challenge 2011 - Winner: Sheldon Hiester

Pepsi Challenge 2011- Winner: Peyton Kochel