Tom Hiester's H.O. Raceway 2017 - 2018 1st Half Race Schedule

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Hiester's H.O. Raceway 2017 - 2018 1st Half Schedule


1st  Half Schedule for 2017 – 2018 Racing Season ALL RACES START WITH WARM-UPS @ 6:00 PM  -  1ST RACE @ 7:00

  Thurs., Oct. 5 -  Practice  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Thurs., Oct. 12   TYCO Modifieds  Opener  - Nestle Water Night- (Peyton Kochel 16 Racers) 

Thurs., Oct. 19   -  TYCO Sprints  - Hiester's H.O. Silicone Tires Night- (Dakota Barlet 16 Racers)   

Thurs., Oct. 26   -  TYCO Modifieds  – Ghosts & Gobblins Kids Eat Free!- (Peyton Kochel 19 Racers) 

Thurs., Nov. 2   TYCO Sprints - Speedway Entertainment Night- (Shane Hiester 13 Racers)        

Thurs., Nov. 9  -  TYCO Modifieds – Weikel Sportswear Night- (Shane Hiester 16 Racers) 

Thurs., Nov. 16  -  TYCO Sprints Diversified Machine Inc. (DMI) Night(Sheldon Hiester 16 Racers)  

Wed., Nov. 22  -   TYCO Modifieds  – NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING – Kenny Fenton Memorial Hall of Fame Night- (Peyton Kochel 25 Racers)

Thurs., Nov.  30  -  TYCO Sprints  –  (Dakota Barlet 12 Racers)

Thurs., Dec.  7  -  TYCO Modifieds -  (Mike Feltenberger 15 Racers)

Thurs.,  Dec.  14  -  TYCO Sprints  –  (WINGLESS SPRINTS) 16th Anniversary Race Specialty Rigging Night Present Exchange- (Shane Hiester 12 Racers)

Thurs.,  Dec.  21   NO RACES!!      Merry Christmas

Thurs., Dec. 28  -  NO RACES!!   Happy New Year 

Thurs., Jan. 4 - TYCO Mods- 5th Annual Mary Tobias Memorial by BTM- (Sheldon Hiester 14 Racers)     


                 If we have bad weather on Thursday nights, call 610-796-0490 after 5:00, or check -PATYCOSERIES  website.  If you are interested in sponsoring a race, please let Tom know- sponsorships are still available!!!

See our rules on my website @, or email me @

Saturday Nov. 25- 1st  PA TYCO SERIES Race at  Hiester's H.O. Raceway Reading, PA 


Hiester's H.O. Raceway 2017 - 2018 2nd Half Schedule

Thurs. Jan.4 Tyco Mods-  (Sheldon Hiester 14 Racers)

Thurs. Jan.11 Tyco Sprints- Eastern Rigging Night- (Sheldon Hiester 11 Racers) Plus The Shock Spa Cash Dash (Sheldon Hiester, Bill Waugh, Mike Feltenberger)

Weds. Jan.17 Tyco Mods- Super Tires Night- (Sheldon Hiester & Shane Hiester Tie 12 Racers) Plus Lightning Bodies Cash Dash (Levi Gundrum, Devin Gundrum, Ed Kenderdine)

Weds. Jan. 24 Tyco Sprints- (Tom Hiester 10 Racers) Plus The Shock Spa Cash Dash (Shane Hietser, Dakota Barlet, Tom Hiester)

Weds. Jan. 31 Tyco Mods- Lightning Bodies Night (Shane Hiester 8 Racers) Plus Lightning Bodies Cash Dash (Dennis Barlet, Tom Hiester, Joe Pieja)

Thurs. Feb. 8 Tyco Sprints- (Sheldon Hiester 11 Racers) Plus Hiester's Silicone Tires Cash Dash (Chris Brubaker, Savannah Miller, Becky Gundrum)

Thurs. Feb. 15 Tyco Mods- Chris Gambler Motorsports Coupe Night- (Shane Hiester 10 Racers) Plus Gambler Towing Cash Dash (Tom Wenner, Brian Sponagle, Randy Heilman)

Thurs. Feb. 22 Tyco Sprints Chris Brubaker Night- (Shane Hiester 14 Racers) Plus Mike Knappenberger's Race Chasing for all Race Fans and Drivers Cash Dash (Mike Feltenberger, Chris Brubaker, Devin Gundrum, and Stacey Schmick)

Thurs. March 1 Tyco Mods- Pioneer Pole Buildings 8 Lane Race for Blackie- (Sheldon Hiester 14 Racers)

Thurs. March 8 Tyco Sprints- BSRT/Scale Auto Night- (Sheldon Hiester 13 Racers) Plus Mike Knappenberger's Race Chasing for all Race Fans and Drivers Cash Dash (Stacey Schmick, Denise Barlet, Savannah Miller, and Carly Hendrickson)

Thurs. March 15 Tyco Mods-  Make Up for Mary Tobias Memorial- (Shane Hiester 18 Racers) Plus Mark Tobias Memorial Cash Dash (Dakota Barlet, Mike Feltenberger, and Joe Pieja)

Thurs. March 22 Tyco Sprints- Strapped In Magazine Night by Mike Feltenberger- (Dakota Barlet 16 Racers) Plus Strapped-In TV Show Cash Dash (Tom Hiester, Bill Brenner, and Becky Gundrum)

Thurs. March 29 Tyco Mods- PA Tyco Series Race #2 @ Hiester's H.O. Raceway- CANCELLED Will Not Make Up.