Pennsylvania Tyco Series

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Race #3 of the 2019 PA TYCO Series at Hiester's H.O. Raceway winner Fred McCullough.

Sunday March 3, 2019 was Race #4 of the PA TYCO Series and we had 18 Racers on hand for the event at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  The racing was close and fierce as usual and coming home with the victory on the day was the Veteran from Lenahartsville, PA Fred McCullough, who won 5 races on the day.  Coming home second was another veteran driver from Reading, PA Mike Feltenberger who los the race by only 1 track section to Fred.  Bear won 2 races on the day.  Finishing third was the 2019 PA TYCO Series Champion Shane Hiester who did not win a race all day but was right there in all of them for the win.  Fourth place went to track owner Tommy Hiester who won 3 races on the day on his way to another Top 5 finish.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Dakota Barlet who won 2 races on the day.  The rest of the field finished up like this: 6-Dennis Barlet (2 wins), 7-Sheldon Hiester (2 wins), 8-Joe Pieja (2 wins), 9-Matt Light, 10-Tim Kline, 11-Mike Hess, 12-Jason Light, 13-Bill Waugh, 14-Savannah Miller, 15-Denise Barlet, 16-Mark Light, 17-Elmer Santiago, and 18-Jazmin Columbo.  The racing was close once again today the Top 5 were only separated by 1 lap.  Shane Hiester secured the point title by finishing 3rd after entering the event tied for the point lead with his brother Sheldon and secured that with Sheldon only finishing seventh.  Finishing second in the point standings was Mike Feltenberger, third was Sheldon Hiester, fourth was Dennis Barlet and finishinf fifth in the final points was Dakota Barlet.  Matt Light continues to improve each time he races with us as a new comer to our group this season as he ran strong again on Lanes 3-6 today getting 19's on them and 2 18's on Lanes 7 and 8.  His younger brother Jason and father Mark continue to improve each time they race with uis as well.  Tim Kline an dMike Hess made the trip down again from Berwick and went on early so they could leave early to beat the weather they were calling for today as they had a 2 hour trip back home, and they both almost came home with Top 10 finishes as Tim did finish 10th and Mike coming up 1 spot short in 11th.  Elmer Santiago made his 2nd ever start today and showed much improvement from his 1st night with us as he finished some races this time with a best score of 16.02 on lane 8 which is good for somene only holding a controller in their hand for the 2nd time as his first ever time trying it a few weeks ago he bubbled out of every segment.  We would like to thank Debbie Hiester for making the Bar-B-Q and hot dogs that we had to eat all day, and thanks to Denise Barlet's mother for the chocolate chip cookie desert that she made and brought with for us to enjoy.  This race wraps up our 2019 PA TYCO Series for this season and our 1st Race of the 2019-2020 PA TYCO Series will tentatively be Saturday, November 30, 2019.
Hiester's H.O. Raceway Finish:
1-Fred McCullough 119.02
2-Mike Feltenberger 119.01
3-Shane Hiester 118.14
4-Tom Hiester 118.06
5-Dakota Barlet 118.02
6-Dennis Barlet 117.35
7-Sheldon Hiester 117.15
8-Joe Pieja 115.37
9-Matt Light 114.00
10-Tim Kline 111.25
11-Mike Hess 110.17
12-Jason Light 106.24
13-Bill Waugh 105.04
14-Savannah Miller 103.27
15-Denise Barlet 102.10
16-Mark Light 95.23
17-Elmer Santiago 83.05
18-Jazmin Columbo 79.12
Sunday February 10, 2019 were Races #1 and #2 of the 2019 PA TYCO Series.  There were 16 Racers on hand for the 2 events.  Taking the win on the 8-Lane was Fred McCullough.  Freddy Mac won 5 segments on the day in his Billy Schinkel replica car.  Second went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 5 segments on the day, and was narrowly defeated by 2 pieces of track.  Third went to Shane Hiester.  Shane won 4 segments on the day missing the win by less than a lap.  Fourth went to Dennis Barlet.  Dennis won 4 segments on the day in the old faithful Billy Pauch Jr. Eastern Rigging 11 car.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Mike Feltenberger.  Bear won 1 segment on the day.  The rest of the field finished as follows: 6-Tom Hiester (3 wins), 7-Dakota Barlet (1 win), 8-Tim Kline (1 win), 9-Mike Fitzgerald, 10-Matt Light, 11-Denise Barlet, 12-Savannah Miller, 13-Stacey Schmick, 14-Mike Hess, 15-Mark Light, and 16-Jason Light.  The Top 3 were separated by less than a lap over the 8 lanes of racing.  We knew when we came back for the PA TYCO Series Races Freddy Mac was gonna be the driver to beat, and he proved the theory correct.  Tim Kline turned in a solid Top 10 run finishing 8th, and winning his first ever segment with our group according to him, and he has raced with us for 25 years or so.  Matt Light turned in a nice Top 10 run also in his first ever PA TYCO Series start.  The lady racers all finished directly behind each other with all of them getting at least an 18 in 1 of the 8 segments on the day.  Dakota Barlet struggled on the smaller track, but still got a solid 7th place finish.  Mike Fitzgerald the defending race winner had a bad break in warm-ups breaking the nub on the car he was planning on running, but the motor just wasn't the same in a different chassis.
The second race of the day saw us planning on running the short track, but we ran into switch issues and had to go back over to the 8-Lane to run only Lane 1 through Lane 6.  We think we resolved the problem, but we had people that had to be at work later that day so we decided to go back to the 8-Lane.  We started the first race over 4 times, and it did the same delay before the cars would take off.  Taking the win in the 6-Lane race was Fred McCullough.  Fred won all 6 segments in the night cap.  Second went to Dennis Barlet.  Dennis capped off a good day with 5 segment wins, and a podium finish.  Third went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 2 segments on the day.  Fourth went to Shane Hiester.  Shane won 3 segments on the day.  Rounding out the Top 5 was Mike Feltenberger.  Bear won 1 segment to cap off a doy of 2 fifth place finishes.  The rest of the field were: 6-Tim Kline (1 win), 7-Mike Fitzgerald, 8-Dakota Barlet (1 win), 9-Matt Light, 10-Tom Hiester, 11-Mike Hess, 12-Jason Light, 13-Stacey Schmick, 14-Savannah Miller, 15-Denise Barlet, and 16-Mark Light.  Jason Light made a nice improvment going from 16th to a 12th place finish for the 12 year old racer in his secon and third ever start.  Mike Hess just missed out on a Top 10 run by 17 pieces of track in the second race.  Tom hiester struggled in the second race in the same exact car getting a 15 on Lane 1 after getting on bubble on lap 5.  Mark Light struggled with how fast the cars were on the smaller tracks making them harder to see for him.  Tim Kline had a good day with two solid Top 10 runs, and winning a segment in each race.  Fred's margin of victory in Race #2 was 19 track sections over Dennis.  Thanks to Fred and Wendy for hosting, the hospitality, the food spread, and the fun day of slot car racing like it is meant to be.  Thanks to Savannah Miller for baking the excellent Cream Cheese Cupcakes.  Thanks to everyone for the continued support.  We also appreciate the way everyone steps up and helps with everything around the track.  Denise, Stacey, Bear, Dakota, Savannah, Fred , and Fitzy for helping out with the book, power, and computer all day.  Fred don't hang your head about the switch it happens, we got through it still a great day of racing.  Next PA TYCo Series Race #3 @ Hiester's H.O. Raceway is tentatively set for Sunday March 3, 2019 with Warm-Ups @ 11am and 1st Race @ 12 noon.  This will be the season finally for the series, but we will be combining in the one race we ran last year so the points will be based on the 4 races.  I know it may affect some people, but we think this is the best solution to a short series last year, and a late start this season.  Thanks for the understanding of this unusual situation that arose.  It's not easy to take the show on the road, it's a lot of work for the track owner and series promoter to make sure everything goes off well.  The food prep, clean up, set up, track prep, scoring transport, parts, etc. thanks everyone for the patience with the issue today, and we will continue the series as we have for years if we can keep getting the support like this.  It looks like we may have found a new day to host traveling races on.
1-Fred McCullough 158.19
2-Sheldon Hiester 158.17
3-Shane Hiester 157.24
4-Dennis Barlet 156.01
5-Mike Feltenberger 153.27
6-Tom Hiester 153.18
7-Dakota Barlet 148.09 
8-Tim Kline 147.20
9-Mike Fitzgerald 147.04
10-Matt Light 145.11
11-Denise Barlet 142.07
12-Savannah Miller 141.28
13-Stacey Schmick 139.21
14-Mike Hess 139.12
15-Mark Light 127.12
16-Jason Light 121.26
1-Fred McCullough 120.00
2-Dennis Barlet 119.11
3-Sheldon Hiester 118.15
4-Shane Hiester 117.23
5-Mike Feltenberger 115.07
6-Tim Kline 114.20
7-Mike Fitzgerald 114.17
8-Dakota Barlet 113.11
9-Matt Light 111.29
10-Tom Hiester 111.26
11-Mike Hess 111.09
12-Jason Light 104.07
13-Stacey Schmick 100.20
14-Savannah Miller 100.05
15-Denise Barlet 99.23
16-Mark Light 93.28

Here is a picture of 2019 PA Tyco Series winner Fred McCullough (Center),Sheldon Hiester (Right) 2nd, and Shane Hiester (Left) 3rd in Race #1 of Season, and below Race #2 1st Fred McCullough (Center), 2 Dennis Barlet (Right), 3 Sheldon Hiester (Left) both Races held at Freddy Mac's H.O. Raceway.


PA Tyco Series Points After Race #2

1-Shane Hiester 98

2-Dakota Barlet 97

3-Sheldon Hiester 96

4-Tom Hiester 92

5-Dennis Barlet 91

6-Ed Kenderdine 80

7-Andrew Cremer 48

7-Joe Pieja 48

9-Peyton Kochel 44

10-Bob Windle 43

10-Louden Reimert 43

12-Tom Wenner 42

12-Devin Gundrum 42

14-Kassidy Kreitz 41

14-Sam Witman 41

16-Carter Kochel 40

16-Levi Gundrum 40

18-Kelsey Adams 39

19-Denise Barlet 38

20-Dakota Kohler 37

21-Michael Noll 35

22-Rodney Koch 34

23-D.A. Hanson 33