Pennsylvania Tyco Series

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Race #2 of the 2016-2017 PA TYCO Series at Hiester's H.O. Raceway on Thursday March 30, 2017 Winner: Shane Hiester

Thursday March 30, 2017 was the 2nd and final Race of the 2016-2017 PA TYCO Series held at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  Their was 11 drivers on hand to conclude the season in the final event.  Taking the win was Dakota Barlet.  Dakota won 4 segments on the night in a very good run his first career PA Tyco Series victory.  Second went to Shane Hiester.  Shane won 3 segments on the night.  Third went to veteran Joe Pieja.  Joe drove to 2 segment wins on the night.  Fourth went to Tom Hiester.  Tom won 3 segments on the night.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won his lone segment of the night out on Lane 8.  The rest of the fiels was as follows: 6-Dennis Barlet, 7-Ed Kenderdine, 8-Louden Reimert, 9-Devin Gundrum, 10-Sam Witman, and 11-Levi Gundrum.  Dakota won the race by 21 segments over Shane, then 2nd through 5th were separated by only 13 pieces of track.  So it was good tight action within the Top 5 all night long, and you raced everybody.  Louden Reimert and Sam Witman got their first Top 10's of the season in any race here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  We payed out the point fund for the series to everyone that ran both races.  Shane Hiester was crowned the 2016-2017 PA TYCO Series Point Champion by a point over Dakota Barlet.  The newcomers this season have shown improvement over the year as it went along.  A lot of Top 10 runs with the new racers this year.  We got some soft pretzels to snack on through out the night.  Thanks to Ed and Karen Nowatarski of Eastern Rigging for helping out with the shirts and beanies as give aways.  Also want to thank everyone for the support all season hope to see you back in October to kick the new season off.  Also this summer get out and support some of the racers that drive real race cars outside like they support us.  We have Dakota Barlet, Ron Helmick, and Devin Gundrum 600 Micro Sprints, Ed Kenderdine 270cc Micro Sprints, Louden Reimert Sportsman, Kassidy Kreitz 305 Sprint, Levi Gundrum 1/4 Midget, and Bob Windle and Steve Windle Go-Karts Dakota Kohler Slingshot.  Oh yeah also sure you'll see Sam Witman in the pits with Ron and Louden somewhere over the summer.  Thanks again for the support.
1-Dakota Barlet 119.29
2-Shane Hiester 119.08
3-Joe Pieja 119.04
4-Tom Hiester 118.37
5-Sheldon Hiester 118.35
6-Dennis Barlet 114.34
7-Ed Kenderdine 109.24
8-Louden Reimert 108.20
9-Devin Gundrum 108.16
10-Sam Witman 101.36
11-Levi Gundrum 89.09
Saturday November 26, 2016 was the 1st Race of the 2016-17 PA TYCO Series and it was held at Hiester's H.O. Raceway and their was a strong field of 18 racers on hand for the event.  Taking the event in the opener was Sheldon Hiester who won 5 of his 6 segments on the way to his victory.  Second went to Shane Hiester who also won 5 segments on the afternoon as well.  Finishing third went to Andrew Cremer who won 1 segment on the afternoon in his 1st start of the season at the track in any of the divisions here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  Fourth place went to Dakota Barlet who won 3 segments on the afternoon running strong all day.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Dennis Barlet who won 4 segments on the day.  The rest fo the Top 10 finished out like this: 6-Tom Hiester, 7-Peyton Kochel, 8-Bob Windle (1 win), 9-Tom Wenner, and 10-Kassidy Kreitz.  Just missing a Top 10 finish in his 1st start of the year at the track was Carter Kochel who ran strong and consistant all afternoon for not racing too much anymore like he did when he was younger.  We had a few racer's make their 1st appearances of the season on Saturday and it was appreciated having them present at the event, and some of them drove strong races and showed that they didin't miss a beat in their time away from racing here at the track.  Andrew Cremer inhis 1st start brought home a Top 5 finish in 3rd, Kassidy Kreitz came home 10th, Carter Kochel brought home an 11th place finish, Dakota Kohler also made his 1st start in about 2 seasons here at the oval and struggled a bit and came home with a 14th place finish, and finally a complete new comer to racing here at Hiester's was former Modified owner for Billy Pauch Sr. and many others in the past D.A. Hanson made his 1st career H.O. start on Saturday and finished 18th on the day, but did not bubble out all day long and ran consistant just trying to get a feel for what you have to do here as a racer and said he enjoyed it and plans on coming back again for another shot at it.  Bob Windle turned in another strong run as his cars continue to get better on a weekly basis as he is running more here at the Raceway, and his step son Michael is imoproving each week too as on this day he turned in some of his best segment scores that he ever turned in here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  We would like to thank the Hiester's for hosting the event and for the Pork BBQ and Hot Dogs that was there for all in attendance to enjoy, and also a thank you to Denise Barlet for her Crock Pot Pizza that she made and brought for all to eat and enjoy, all of it was delicious.  The 2nd Race of the series has not been decided yet as to when and where it will be, but once a decision is made on it we will let everyone know.
1-Sheldon Hiester 119.37

2-Shane Hiester 119.03

3-Andrew Cremer 118.21

4-Dakota Barlet 118.13

5-Dennis Barlet 117.23

6-Tom Hiester 116.17

7-Peyton Kochel 116.09

8-Bob Windle 115.27

9-Tom Wenner 114.15

10-Kassidy Kreitz 106.03

11-Carter Kochel 105.20

12-Kelsey Adams 104.35

13-Denise Barlet 103.21

14-Dakota Kohler 101.01

15-Ed Kenderdine 100.32

16-Michael Knoll 93.23

17-Rodney Koch 91.39

18-D.A. Hanson 80.18


Here is a picture of PA Tyco Series winner Fred McCullough (Center),Shane Hiester (Right) 2nd, and Sheldon Hiester (Left) 3rd in Race #4 of Season, and below Race #5 1st Fred McCullough (Center), 2 Sheldon Hiester (Right), 3 Mike Feltenberger (Left) both Races held at Freddy Mac's H.O. Raceway.


PA Tyco Series Points After Race #2

1-Shane Hiester 98

2-Dakota Barlet 97

3-Sheldon Hiester 96

4-Tom Hiester 92

5-Dennis Barlet 91

6-Ed Kenderdine 80

7-Andrew Cremer 48

7-Joe Pieja 48

9-Peyton Kochel 44

10-Bob Windle 43

10-Louden Reimert 43

12-Tom Wenner 42

12-Devin Gundrum 42

14-Kassidy Kreitz 41

14-Sam Witman 41

16-Carter Kochel 40

16-Levi Gundrum 40

18-Kelsey Adams 39

19-Denise Barlet 38

20-Dakota Kohler 37

21-Michael Noll 35

22-Rodney Koch 34

23-D.A. Hanson 33