Pennsylvania Tyco Series

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Race #1 of the 2019-2020 PA TYCO Series at Hiester's H.O. Raceway winner Shane Hiester.

Sunday January 5, 2020 was Race #1 of the PA TYCO Series, and we had 14 Racers on hand for the event at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  Taking the win was Shane Hiester.  Shane won 3 segments on the day to claim the win.  Coming home second in a 3 way tie were Sheldon Hiester, Mike Feltenberger, and Dakota Barlet.  Bear won 5 segments on the day, Dakota won 4 segments on the day, but most impressively was Sheldon tying for the runner up position without winning a segment all day.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Mike Fitzgerald.  Fitzy won 1 segment on the day in route to his strong Top 5 finish.  The rest of the field finished as follows: 6-Dennis Barlet (4 wins), 7-Tommy Hiester, 8-Bill Waugh, 9-Stacey Schmick, 10-Elmer Santiago, 11-Matt Light, 12-Randy Heilman, 13-Savannah Miller, and 14-Mike Fenton.  We had a few scratches from the field today that woul have made for a nice crowd, but we understand things come up and you race with what you got.  Bill Waugh made his first start of the season and came home with a nice Top 10 finish in 8th.  He made a stop at a church in Ephrata on his way here that's a man with his priorities straight.  Elmer Santiago had a good Top 10 run in his return from his family vaccation in Puerto Rico.  Mike Fenton made his 1st start in a few season, and accomplished his goal of finishing every race during the day.  It was well worth the 1hr.20min. ride to pick him up and take him home each way so we did about 51/2 hours of driving today extra but the grin on his face made it all worth it.  Randy Heilman made his first PA TYCO Series Race start ever, and came home 12th place finish.  Matt Light made a rare start with us, and just missed out on a Top 10 finish by 17 pieces of track.  Shane Hiester won by 35 pieces of track over the trio of second place finishers.  It's pretty hard to get three racers to finish on the exact same lap after 6 Lanes of action but it happened today pretty cool to see and can't get much closer than that.  It was good, hard, close action all day long.  Thanks to Debbie Hiester for making the pasta and meatballs to change it up a little bit for the food choice, and Tom got Philly Soft Pretzels.  Thanks to all that attended, and made the day a fun day of racing for all to be had.  Race #2 will be announced when details are finalized.
1-Shane Hiester 119.03 
2-Sheldon Hiester 118.08
2-Mike Feltenberger 118.08
2-Dakota Barlet 118.08
5-Mike Fitzgerald 117.30
6-Dennis Barlet 117.18
7-Tom Hiester 116.04
8-Bill Waugh 109.04
9-Stacey Schmick 107.28
10-Elmer Santiago 107.19
11-Matt Light 107.02
12-Randy Heilman 103.21
13-Savannah Miller 100.35
14-Mike Fenton 100.06

Here is a picture of 2019 PA Tyco Series winner Fred McCullough (Center),Sheldon Hiester (Right) 2nd, and Shane Hiester (Left) 3rd in Race #1 of Season, and below Race #2 1st Fred McCullough (Center), 2 Dennis Barlet (Right), 3 Sheldon Hiester (Left) both Races held at Freddy Mac's H.O. Raceway.


PA Tyco Series Points After Race #2

1-Shane Hiester 98

2-Dakota Barlet 97

3-Sheldon Hiester 96

4-Tom Hiester 92

5-Dennis Barlet 91

6-Ed Kenderdine 80

7-Andrew Cremer 48

7-Joe Pieja 48

9-Peyton Kochel 44

10-Bob Windle 43

10-Louden Reimert 43

12-Tom Wenner 42

12-Devin Gundrum 42

14-Kassidy Kreitz 41

14-Sam Witman 41

16-Carter Kochel 40

16-Levi Gundrum 40

18-Kelsey Adams 39

19-Denise Barlet 38

20-Dakota Kohler 37

21-Michael Noll 35

22-Rodney Koch 34

23-D.A. Hanson 33