Pennsylvania Tyco Series

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Race #1 of the 2017-2018 PA TYCO Series at Hiester's H.O. Raceway on Saturday November 25, 2017 Winner: Dakota Barlet

Saturday November 25, 2017 was the 1st Race of the 2017-2018 PA TYCO Series and it was held at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  We had a small field on hand with only 10 drivers showing up to participate in the event.  Taking the victory on the day was Dakota Barlet, who won 5 of his 6 races he raced in.  Coming home second was Shane Hiester, who won 1 race on the day on his way to his 2nd place finish.  Finishing third was Mike Feltenberger, who won 3 races on his birthday, so we hoped that started off his birthday as a good one.  Finishing fourth was Sheldon Hiester, who won 2 races on the day.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Tom Hiester.  The rest of the Top 10 finished up like this: Sixth went to Andrew Cremer who made his 1st start of the season here and ran strong as this was his 1st time racing with us since this Series race in 2016.  Seventh place went to Dennis Barlet, who also won 1 race on the day.  Finsihing eighth in his 1st start of the season at HIester's H.O. Raceway was Tom Wenner, who won 1 race on the day as well.  Finishing ninth coming off of her strong and career best finish of 3rd on Wednesday Night was Stacey Schmick.  Rounding out the Top 10 in tenth was Dakota Kohler.  We would like to thank Tom Wenner for bringing in Philly Soft Pretzels for those who attended.  It was good to have Tom Wenner and Andrew Cremer make there 1st starts of the season and both ran well for being away from the raceway for the time that they have been away.  Even though we had a small field the racing was fierce and close as everyone raced everybody in attendance, so there was no easy race for anyone. The next race of the PA TYCO Series may be at Tom Wenner's house if we can come up with a date that works for both Tom Wenner and the PA TYCO Series.  So stay tuned when a date is settled on we will let you know right away.
1-Dakota Barlet 149.14
2-Shane Hiester 148.01
3-Mike Feltenberger 147.36
4-Sheldon Hiester 146.15
5-Tom Hiester 146.07
6-Andrew Cremer 143.37
7-Dennis Barlet 141.37
8-Tom Wenner 138.32
9-Stacey Schmick 136.16
10-Dakota Kohler 128.24

Here is a picture of PA Tyco Series winner Fred McCullough (Center),Shane Hiester (Right) 2nd, and Sheldon Hiester (Left) 3rd in Race #4 of Season, and below Race #5 1st Fred McCullough (Center), 2 Sheldon Hiester (Right), 3 Mike Feltenberger (Left) both Races held at Freddy Mac's H.O. Raceway.


PA Tyco Series Points After Race #2

1-Shane Hiester 98

2-Dakota Barlet 97

3-Sheldon Hiester 96

4-Tom Hiester 92

5-Dennis Barlet 91

6-Ed Kenderdine 80

7-Andrew Cremer 48

7-Joe Pieja 48

9-Peyton Kochel 44

10-Bob Windle 43

10-Louden Reimert 43

12-Tom Wenner 42

12-Devin Gundrum 42

14-Kassidy Kreitz 41

14-Sam Witman 41

16-Carter Kochel 40

16-Levi Gundrum 40

18-Kelsey Adams 39

19-Denise Barlet 38

20-Dakota Kohler 37

21-Michael Noll 35

22-Rodney Koch 34

23-D.A. Hanson 33