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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

The story and results from todays PA TYCO Series Races #1 & 2 are now up on the website uner the PA Tyco Series Tab at the top of the page.  Race #3 of the PA TYCO Series is tentatively set for Sunday March 3, 2019 with Warm-Ups at 11am and 1st Race at 12 noon.  The points will be updated when I find the sheet from last year thanks for your patience.

The Third event for the Modifieds of the 2018-2019 Season at Hiester's H.O. Raceway took place on Thursday February 14, 2019.  With it being Valentine's Day it was a small field of 10 Racers on hand.  Cupid's Arrow landed on Shane Hiester taking the win.  Shane won 3 segments on the night.  Second went to Sheldon Hiester only 4 pieces of track behind.  Sheldon won 4 segments on the night.  Third went to last weeks winner Tom Hiester.  Tom won 5 segments on the night, but struggled on Lane 3 to start the night.  Fourth went to Dennis Barlet.  Dennis won 2 segments on the night.  Fifth went to Devin Gundrum.  Devin didn't win any, but was knocking on the door in his best finish at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  The rest of the field went like this: 6-Dakota Barlet (1 win), 7-Denise Barlet, 8-Savannah Miller, 9-Becky Gundrum, and 10-Levi Gundrum.  Mike Feltenberger had surgery on his eye again today that's why he wasn't in attendance.  Get well soon Bear.  Shane beat Sheldon by 4 sections on the night losing to him in one of the three segments they raced against each other.  Devin Gundrum turned in his best ever finish only missing out on fourth by 33 sections of track.  Dakota Barlet struggled tonight on Lane 3 as well plus as the races stretched out it seemed like he was lacking straight away speed.  Denise Barlet had a good run turning in a lead lap run in one of the races.  Becky Gundrum and Levi Gundrum keep showing improvement with 17 laps as there high laps in a segment.  Savannah Miller had a good night with 4 17's, but crashed out on Lane 7.  Thanks to all that came it was a fun night of racing even though a small crowd.  Tom gave out 2 scratch off tickets to random numbers, but there were no winners on them.  Next week Thursday February 21, 2019 we are back with the Sprints. 

1-Shane Hiester 119.33

2-Sheldon Hiester 119.29

3-Tom Hiester 118.11

4-Dennis Barlet 117.37

5-Devin Gundrum 117.04

6-Dakota Barlet 115.38

7-Denise Barlet 109.02

8-Savannah Miller 99.07

9-Becky Gundrum 98.22

10-Levi Gundrum 97.05











































Next Race Tyco Sprints Thursday February 21, 2019