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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

Tonight Thursday March 23, saw the 11th Race of the Season for our Modified Division and we had 22 Drivers in attendance for the event sponsored by Bob Zelano Appliance Repair, and taking the victory tonight was veteran Mike Feltenberger who won 5 races on the night.  Finishing second was Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 3 segments on the night.  Third went to Mark Williams.  Mark won 3 segments on the night.  Fourth went to Dakota Barlet.  Dakota won 4 segments on the night in his return after a few weeks absence.Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Shane Hiester.  Shane won 4 segments on the night.  The rest of the Top 10 finished as follows: 6-Elmer Santiago (2 wins), 7-Mike Fitzgerald (2 wins), 8-Randy Haydt (1 win), 9-Tom Hiester, and 10-Dennis Barlet (1 win).  The Top 6 were separated by exactly a lap, so it was tight racing all night long.  Jim LeVan, Bill Brenner, Linda Lauver all made their first starts of the season in the final Modified race of the season.  It was Bear's first Modified victory of the season.  Regular Jazmin Santiago has been stuck on the struggle bus the last few weeks with I think her worst finish of the season in 18th.  The new racers are continuing to show improvement with lap totals going up each week as the season has progressed.  Scottie Heilman who has been steady in the Top 10 the past few weeks crashed out on Lane 5, and only brought home a 15th place finish.  Thanks to Bob Zelano fo sponsoring the night by paying the race fee for all racers, and gave a white plastic body to each racer in attendance from the Hiester's H.O. Bodies.  The Cash Dash was sponsored by Shane Hiester, and was won by 1-Dennis Barlet, 2-Tom Hiester, and 3-Bill Brenner.  The Hiester family would like to take some time and THANK all of the racers, sponsors, and fans for the outpouring of support and success of the 2022-2023 Hiester's H.O. Raceway season.  Thanks to Mark Williams of the SCCS for allowing us to host an event here it was a fun day of Sprint Car racing.  Next year we hope to bring back the PA TYCO Series again with that taking the year off to see how dad would hold up, but he seems to be going pretty strong so time will tell.  We are back next Thursday March 30, 2023. for the season point finale with the Sprint Cars sponsored by Mike Feltenberger's Strapped In.  This race will be run by his directions which are as follows: 1-Revenge Draw you pick a pill and give it to someone else, 2-Reverse race (you move from Lane 8 to Lane 2 instead of Lane 3 to Lane 8, 3-Lanes 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, & 8 will be run we are skipping Lane 5, and 4-Mike is paying the entry fee.  The Sprint title is up for grabs as the Top 3 are separated by only 7 points.  It could go to any of the 3 drivers depending on the revenge draw which will play vital in the Championship battle. 

1-Mike Feltenberger 89.26

2-Sheldon Hiester 89.21

3-Mark Williams 89.20

4-Dakota Barlet 89.13

5-Shane Hiester 88.39

6-Elmer Santiago 88.26

7-Mike Fitzgerald 88.17

8-Randy Haydt 87.03

9-Tom Hiester 86.22

10-Dennis Barlet 86.18

11-Louden Reimert 84.39

12-Brian Sponagle 84.37

13-Dave Lauver 83.24

14-Bill Brenner 82.17

15-Scottie Heilman 81.23

16-Jim LeVan 80.38

17-John Myszkowski 73.31

18-Jazmin Santiago 72.37

19-Brian Saylor 72.11

20-Jeff DeAngelis 69.10

21-Mike Sheidy 65.34

22-Linda Lauver 52.04



































































Next Race:Thursday March 30, 2023- Sprints Strapped In Night (Final Point Night of the Season for the Sprints.)