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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway


On Wednesday Night November 22, We held our Annual Kenny Fenton Memorial, Night Before Thanksgiving, Hall Of Fame Night Race.  We had 29 Drivers in attendance to participate in the event.  Taking the victory on the evening was Shane Hiester, who won 3 races on the way to his 3rd consecutive Modified victory on the season.  Second place went to Deniis Barlet, who won 3 races on the night as well, and turning in his best finish of the season.  Third went to his son Dakota Barlet, who won e races on the evening also.  Fourth spot went to Mike Feltenberger, who won 4 races on the night.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Scottie Heilman, who won 2 races on the night, and this was also his best run of the season.  The rest of the field finished up like this: 6-Peyton Kochel (3 wins), 7-Randy Haydt (2 wins), 8-Andrew Cremer (1 win), 9-Steve Windle (3 wins), 10-Sheldon Hiester (4 wins), 11-Tom Hiester(2 wins), 12-Jim LeVan, 13-Brian Sponagle, 14-Elmer Santiago (1 win), 15-Brian Zerbe, 16-Mark Williams, 17-Bill Brenner, 18-Chuck Sheaffer, 19-Gilbert Zerbe, 20-Jazmin Santiago, 21-John Linnane, 22-Steve Smith Sr., 23-Andy Bixler, 24-Joey Keesey Sr., 25-John Myszkowski, 26-Billy Esterly, 27-Michael Windle, 28-Mike Sheidy, 29-Joey Keesey Jr.  We had a strong field on hand for this special event with some good, fierce racing all night long on the race track.  We a few people who haven't been here in a while to race with us, and some new faces that came to give it a try.  Returning people who came back to race with us Wednesday Night were Steve Windle, Michael Windle, Joey Keesey Sr. & Jr., Billy Esterly, and Chuck Sheaffer.  John Linnane who is the owner of Keystone Slotcar Raceway & Hobby in Harrisburg, PA came with Chuck and made his 1st ever start at the oval at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  Steve Windle turned in a strong top 10 run finishing 9th as well as winning 3 races on the evening.  Chuck came home 18th with a couple of good runs and John did well for his 1st time at the oval running smooth and consistent in his races all night long to come home with a 21st place finish.  Sheldon Hiester who has tied for the win in each of the past 2 Modified Events had some handling issues on lane 3 crashing out of the race causing him to only bring home a 10th place finish.  Jim LeVan made comment after the nights racing was over on how tough and close the racing is here as he did not get lapped in a single race and still only could manange a 12th place finish.  Scottie Heilman turned in his best Modified run of the season as he raced on the lead lap in every race as well as winning 2 races on the night with fewer falloffs on the outside lanes, which he always says is his downfall when he is doing good to that point of the night.  Peyton Kochel was also back after missing the last Modified event and turned in another strong run as usual finishing 6th and winning 3 races on the night.  As everyonr who was in attendance Wednesday Night knows that Tom has another Heart Procedure scheduled for Monday morning, and after he gets back home we will have better knowledge on whether we will be racing this Thursday November 30.  If we are able to race on Thursday the 30th it will be our 4th Sprint Car Race of the season and this event will be sponsored by GMI First Mechanical with Warm-ups @ 6PM and the 1st Race to start Around 7PM.

1-Shane Hiester 89.30

2-Dennis Barlet 89.07

3-Dakota Barlet 88.30

4-Mike Feltenberger 88.26

5-Scottie Heilman 88.14

6-Peyton Kochel 88.03

7-Randy Haydt 87.19

8-Andrew Cremer 87.07

9-Steve Windle 87.02

10-Sheldon Hiester 86.35

11-Tom Hiester 86.05

12-Jim LeVan 85.35

13-Brian Sponagle 85.06

14-Elmer Santiago 85.01

15-Brian Zerbe 84.22

16-Mark Williams 81.37

17-Bill Brenner 81.08

18-Chuck Sheaffer 80.28

19-Gilbert Zerbe 79.07

20-Jazmin Santiago 78.03

21-John Linnane 78.01

22-Steve Smith Sr. 76.16

23-Andy Bixler 74.01

24-Joey Keesey Sr. 72.38

25-John Myszkowski 72.32

26-Billy Esterly 70.21

27-Michael Windle 70.17

28-Mike Sheidy 66.39

29-Joey Keesey Jr. 57.25









































































Next Race:Wednesday November 30, 2023- Mods Esterly Racing Night