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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

The 2017-2018 Hiester's H.O. Raceway Season in review.  In the Modified Division the Champion was Shane Hiester.  Shane won 5 races, and 11 Top 5 finishes in 11 Races on the way to the title.  Second was Sheldon Hiester. Sheldon won 3 races, had 9 Top 5 finishes, and 11 Top 10 finishes.  Third went to veteran Mike Feltenberger.  Bear won 1 race, 9 Top 5's, and 11 Top 10 finishes in a very solid season.  Fourth was Dennis Barlet.  Dennis had 6 Top 5's, and 11 Top 10 finishes with second being his best finish only missing that first win in week #8 by a few segments.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Tom Hiester.  Tom had 4 Top 5's, and 11 Top 10 finishes with his best finish of fourth struggled this year with the Modified complined of the car being tight each week. The rest of the Top 10 were 6-Ed Kenderdine (8 Top 10's), 7-Dakota Barlet (5 Top 5's & 10 Top 10's), 8-Joe Pieja (5 Top 5's & 10 Top 10's), 9-Stacey Schmick (1 Top 5 & 5 Top 10's), and 10-Denise Barlet (7 Top 15's).  Also winning 3 Races, but not in the Top 10 in points was Peyton Kochel who finished 17th in only 3 races so he was 3 for 3 before they moved to Quakertown.  Dakota Barlet missed a week do to vo-tech or may have finished higher in points.  We had 35 Racers run at least one event during the season in Modifieds.  The highest draw was 25 racers on Hall of Fame Night.  Mike Esterly came that night ran once and took home a strong second place finish.  Shane won by only 7 points over Sheldon in the season long battle.  In the Sprints we have a first time Champion in Dakota Barlet.  Dakota won 3 features, & 11 top 5 finishes in 11 races en route to the championship.  Second went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 4 features, & 11 Top 5 finishes i a season long point battle that came down to the last night of battle.  Third went to Shane Hiester.  Shane won 3 features, & 11 Top 5's.  Fourth went to Tommy Hiester.  Tommy won 1 feature, 8 Top 5's, & 11 Top 10's.  Fifth went to Dennis Barlet.  Dennis had 1 Top 5 & 10 Top 10's in 10 starts.  T rest of the Top 10 were as follows: 6-Chris Brubaker (10 Top 10's), 7-Mike Feltenberger (8 Top 5's & 9 Top 10's), 8-Savannah Miller (3 Top 10's & 9 Top 15's), 9-Joe Pieja (4 Top 5's & 7 Top 10's), and 10-Ed Kenderdine (3 Top 10's & 7 Top 15's).  Dakota Beat Sheldon by 1 point and Shane by 6 points after 11 races, so it came down to the last race to see if the youngster could hold off the veterans and he succeeded.  It's nice to see a champion without the name of Hiester on top with his own car I might add we tuned it, but he drove it and took it home with him every Thursday night.  This is the first time in a few years a Hiester hasn't worn the crown in a division since Ryan Reitz beat them 2 years straight a few years back in the Sprint Cars. We had 29 different racers run at least 1 race in the Sprint class this season.  In Overll Points we had 39 racers attempt it at least once.  The Title went to Shane Hiester.  Shane had 8 wins in 22 races.  Second went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon had 7 wins in 22 races.  Third went to Tom Hiester.  Tom had 1 win in 22 races.  Fourth went to Dakota Barlet.  Dakota had 3 wins in 21 races.  Rounding out the Top 5 was Dennis Barlet.  Dennis had 21 Top 10's in 21 races.  The rest of the Top 10 were: 6-Mike Feltenberger (1 win), 7-Joe Pieja (17 Top 10's), 8-Ed Kenderdine (11 Top 10's), 9-Stacey Schmick (10 Top 10's), and 10-Savannah Miller (3 Top 10's).  Peyton Kochel was 19th with 3 Mod wins and a 7th place finish in his lone Sprint race.  We had 15 people run at least half of the races (11) this year really 14, but we'll count Chris Brubaker since he sponsors a night LOL.  Just playing with you Chris.  Shane Hiester beat Sheldon Hiester by only 2 points after a long hard fought 22 race season.  Tommy Hiester only beat Dakota Barlet by 20 points, and Dakota missed a race so it shows attendance does mean something and how close the racing is.  Savannah Miller was the Rookie of the Year.  We added a few new things this year with the Cash Dash on a weekly basis.  Thanks Rick Laubach of Lightning Bodies and The Shock Spa for the idea and sponsoring a few.  Thanks to the sponsors for this season for all they did.  (Lightning Bodies, Shock Spa, Strapped In Magazine, DJ Chriz B., Hiester's H.O. Silicone Tires, Speedway Entertainment, Specialty Rigging, Eastern Rigging, Blake Tobias Motorsports, Chris Gambler of Gambler Towing, Mike Knappenberger Race Chasing for all Race Fans and Drivers, Weikel Sportswear, DMI, Super Tires, Nestle Water, Pioneer Pole Buildings, and BSRT.)  Next season the PA Tyco Series will get back to a more normal pattern with the return to Freddy Mac's H.O. Raceway the Saturday after Thanksgiving I think Saturday November 24, 2018 so mark it on your calender.  Also Tommy thought about in the 1st half of the season doing a Mod race with the white plastic bodies on like coupe night, but have to be a more modern version in stead of the coupes.  Let some feedback on what you think of the idea we will have some extra bodies or you can order one of who you like just to change it up one week.  The Cash Dash will return next season if anyone is interested in sponsoring one let Tom know so we can mark it down to schedule it for the season.  Our 2017 PA Tyco Series Hall of Fame Inductees were Debbie Hiester and Rodney Koch.  Congrats to both.  Last but not least thanks to everyone for the continued support of Hiester's H.O. Raceway sponsors, racers, and family.  We here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway pride ourselves on the enjoyment, inegrity, and competitiveness of this hobby since 1977.  We're not in this hobby to try and hurt other clubs out there.  Every racer has there choice on where they want to race, and we won't try to persuade any person away from another group.  Just know each group though similar is different.  Other places may schedule stuff against us we try to work with other groups so we don't have a race the same day in case a person runs both tracks then they are put i a predicament of which track to go to.  In the long run it hurts both track, but most of all the person with the decision to make where to race that night.  It's been that way since we started, still around, why change now, THURSDAY NIGHT THUNDER STILL GOING STRONG SINCE 1977 AND COUNTING.  THANKS AGAIN FOR THE SUPPORT see you next season.

Tonight Thursday March 22, 2018 was Race #11 of the 2017-2018 Season at Hiester's H.O. Raceway for the Sprint Car Division.  We had 16 Racers on hand for the event sponsored by Mike Feltenberger's "Strapped-IN TV Show & Magazine".  Taking the victory on the night was Dakota Barlet who came into the night with some heavy pressure as going into the race at the beginning of the night he was tied for the season's Sprint Car Point Title with Sheldon Hiester, and he took care of business on his own by going out and winning the race outright eoth no questions asked.  He won 5 of his 6 races on his way to the win.  Finishing second to Dakota was the person coming into the race tied for the points lead Sheldon Hiester, but came up 1 position and 1 point short of the title on the night.  Sheldon won 3 races on the night and lost by only 10 track sections to Dakota.  Finishing third was Shane Hiester who was only 4 track sections behind Sheldon for second on the night.  Shane won 2 races on the night.  Fourth place went to the race sponsor Mike Feltenberger who was only 4 track sections behind Shane for third, and he won 4 races on the night.  Ronding out the Top 5 in fifth was Tom Hiester who won 3 races on the night and he finished less then 1 lap behind bear in front of him for 4th.  So the Top 5 in the running order were separated by 1 lap and 7 track sections, so that was some very close and intense racing amongst everyone all night long.  The rest of the field finished up like this: 6-Dennis Barlet (2 wins), 7-Tom Wenner, 8-Joe Pieja (1 win), 9-Chris Brubaker, 10-Bill Brenner, 11-Devin Gundrum, 12-Denise Barlet, 13-Becky Gundrum, 14-Savannah Miller (2017-18 Rookie of the Year), 15-Levi Gundrum, and 16-Jonas Ballard.  We had some new faces with us in our final race of the season as Bill Brenner and Jonas Ballard made their 1st starts of the season with us, and it was great to have them both with us again as they help make the night more enjoyable and memorable when they are in attendance.  Bill said he hopes to be back next year on a more regular basis, and Jonas was here as to being off of school for Easter Break.  We would like to congratulate Dakota Barlet on being the 2017-2018 Sprint Car Champion here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway and I'm sure there will be more in the future for him, and also congrtulations to his girlfriend Savannah Miller on being the 2017-2018 Rookie of the Year here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway, so this is a duo with a bright future ahead of them in slot car racing if they stick with it.  We would like to thank Mike Feltenberger for all he did as sponsor of the evening's racing activities such as, paying everyone's entry fee, handing out t-shirts, Strapped-In Magazines, and the other various things he did throughout the night.  For the eveining's racin we ran 17 lap races with 6 fall offs and ran in reverse as you started on lane 8 and worked in to lane 2 and we skipped lane 5 per Mike's request as sponsor, so that is what we did.  Mike also sponsored the Cas Dash for the evening and bringing home the victory in that was Tom Hiester, over Bill Brenner, and Becky Gundrum.  This wraps up our racing season for 2017-2018 we will be updating everyone on facebook with what we decide to do for a banquet, and other stuff going on with the raceway over the summer.  We would like to wish all of our competitors here at Hiester's H.O.Raceway the best of luck over the summer when they are out racing their real race cars at local dirt tracks.  Hope to see everyone soon at a local dirt track. 

1-Dakota Barlet 101.17

2-Sheldon Hiester 101.07

3-Shane Hiester 101.03

4-Mike Feltenberger 100.39

5-Tom Hiester 100.10

6-Dennis Barlet 97.16

7-Tom Wenner 96.38

8-Joe Pieja 95.16

9-Chris Brubaker 90.39

10-Bill Brenner 89.05

11-Devin Gundrum 86.39

12-Denise Barlet 86.02

13-Becky Gundrum 76.15

14-Savannah Miller 75.16

15-Levi Gundrum 70.08

16-Jonas Ballard 64.12





































Next Race Thursday October 4, 2018 Practice Night for both divisions