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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

I updated the Hiester's H.O. Raceway Overall Champions List, and also the Sponsors page to our great sponsors we had during the 2023-2024 Racing Season.  Seaon review coming soon.

Tonight Thursday March 28, 2024, was the 11th Sprint Race of the season, and was sponsored by Bob Zelano Appliance Repair.  we had 24 Racers in attendance for the event.  Taking the victory was Shane Hiester.  Shane won 4 segments on the night.  Second went to Mike Feltenberger.  Bear won 3 segments on the night.  Third went to Dakota Barlet.  Dakota won 4 segments on the night.  Fourth went to Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 4 segments on the night.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Andrew Cremer.  Andrew won 2 segments on the night.  The rest of the field finished up this way: 6-Scottie Heilman (1 win), 7-Bill Brenner (2 wins), 8-Jazmin Santiago (1 win), 9-Elmer Santiago (1 win), 10-Dennis Barlet, 11-Brian Zerbe (2 wins), 12- Tyler Oswald (2 wins), 13-Brian Saylor, 14-Tom Hiester, 15-Jim Petersheim, 16-Dave Lauver, 17-Tom Cremer, 18-Jim LeVan, 19-Gilbert Zerbe, 20-Steve Smith, 21-Michael Hutt, 22-Dave Comley, 23-Lyle Spiegel, and 24-Linda Lauver.  Lyle Spiegel made his first start of the season, and came home with a 23rd place finish and completed every race.  It was nice to have Dave and Linda Lauver back for the season ender, and Dave almost snuck up and won a segment but crashed going for the lead.  The Top 3 were separated by less than a lap.  Tom Hiester struggled again even with the new body on it didn't change his luck.  Congratulations to Sheldon Hiester on winning the Sprint Chanpionship by a slim 2 points.  Mike Feltenberger was back in his car tonight after testing 2 other rides the last 2 weeks, and came home second which is his best finish in a few Sprint races.  Tom Cremer made his first Sprint start of the season, and brought the Hiester Freddie Rahmer #51 home to a 17th place finish.  A little side story here Tom running a Rahmer car is like illegal since he is married into the Don Kreitz family.  Andrew Cremer got back to the Top 5 after a few weeks finishing out of the Top 5.  Jim Petersheim continues to show improvement each week with finishing on the lead lap in 2 of his races and a Top 15 finish.  Jim builds fast cars, and his driving will come back if he races consistantly next season with us after missing for about 10 years.  11 different racers won segments on the night so the action was packed with excitement and fast cars.  Bill Brenner turned in a solid run finishing 7th and winning 2 segments also in a Fast Freddie Rahmer car.  Thanks to Bob Zelano for sponsoring the night paying the entry fee for everyone.  The Cash Dash was sponsored by Brian Saylor and we did it his way the Top 5 for an 8 Lap Battle Royal with 1 falloff allowed.  Taking the win was 1-Dakota Barlet, 2-Shane Hiester, 3-Sheldon Hiester, 4-Bill Brenner, and 5-Mike Feltenberger.  Andrew Cremer was 5th but left early and Scottie Heilman was 6th but left early, so Bill Brenner got in as the 7 seed.  Thanks to all of our Racers, sponsors, the Hiester's, friends that spectateand don't race, and to everyone that participated in anyway this season at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  We couldn't have had as successful of a season as we did without each and everyone of you.  We will update the banquet on Facebook once we get Mike Sheidy's vote.  We will confirm the venue and then get started on a date right after that.  As for now enjoy your offseason, hope to see some of you at outside races as they get going around here to support some of our racers, such as Dakota Barlet, Scottie Heilman, and Louden Reimert, and hope to see yo back at Hiester's H.O. Raceway in October for the 2024-2025 season. 

1-Shane Hiester 89.35

2-Mike Feltenberger 89.22

3-Dakota Barlet 89.06

4-Sheldon Hiester 88.30

5-Andrew Cremer 88.25

6-Scottie Heilman 88.16

7-Bill Brenner 88.15

8-Jazmin Santiago 87.10

9-Elmer Santiago 86.08

10-Dennis Barlet 85.34

11-Brian Zerbe 84.33

12-Tyler Oswald 84.28

13-Brian Saylor 84.23

14-Tom Hiester 83.11

15-Jim Petersheim 82.06

16-Dave Lauver 81.29

17-Tom Cremer 81.18

18-Jim LeVan 80.26

19-Gilbert Zerbe 79.37

20-Steve Smith Sr. 73.33

21-Michael Hutt 72.15

22-Dave Comley 71.22

23-Lyle Spiegel 58.16

24-Linda Lauver 52.26






















































































Next up Banquet then Summer Break.