Our Club History

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Why Race with us?

Why is Tom Hiester's HO Raceway and the PA Tyco Series successful?

 The founder Tom Hiester has a simple formula. Equal playing field for all, simple and easy to follow rules. Low cost racing. This formula is the key to the clubs success. These are the key ingredients that make Tom Hiester's HO Raceway and the Pa Tyco Series so successful. This racing group packs the house on Thursday evenings in the Fall and Winter. The average racing crowd on Thursday Nights draw about 25 to 30 people. The traveling series varies between 20 and 30 racers.

 As an HO Racing enthusiats I have traveled the country looking for competitive HO Racing. I attended the HOPRA, UFHORA and SHORS HO Racing organizations National events. They each have their good and bad points. None of these groups can draw a crowd like Tom Hiester attracts. These groups provide Professional HO Racing at its best. The best racers and best HO mechanics. However, the races usually see the same guy win every week or every year. The racers are the best in the country. But, the novice racer finds himself lost and frustrated many times at these events. There is nothing in the world that compares to Tom Hiester's HO Raceway. It is simply the best venue I have ever seen for racing HO cars. Every racer makes the main, every racer has a chance at the win. You are not ousted in a qualification round or semi. You come and you race in the feature event, no exclusions. Sometimes the best racer dosen't win, but everybody has a chance to win.

 It's about an equal playing field for all. Sharing knowledge and having fun. The PA Tyco Series and Hiester's HO Raceway are not ruled by one individual. The club belongs to each and every racer that attends, and each racer makes it what it is. You bring your box, you get tech support, you have fun, and you leave with the satisfaction of fun and friendship and sometimes a prize in your pocket at Hiester's HO Raceway.

Our History

Tom Hiester and several other members of our club began their HO racing in 1966 at the Olivet's Boys Club. Many of the young men from those days still race together today. Some members are nearing 50 years of age now and are bringing their children to race.

The club started competitive racing with the AFX Magna-Traction car and a dirt modified body made from a simple vacuum former mold. Today the cars are Tyco Narrow chassis's and each week the body style changes from Sprint Car to Dirt Modified.

 Dirt Modified Racing was big in Reading Pennsylvania in the 60's and 70's. The races were held at the Reading Fairgrounds. Many of our HO Racers attended the real races and would emulate their favorite drivers at the HO Race Raceway Tom Hiester created in his Hollenbach Street basement. Tom and his wife Deb are probably the most well known HO Scale retailers on the East Coast. People all over the world buy HO racing gear from Tom and Deb Hiester.

The club has moved from downtown Reading to South Reading in Shillington Pennsylvania. The racing continues till this day, a new track and a more modernized facility. The racing is still close tight competitive action. Fun for the whole family, prizes almost every week. The sponsership programs are filled every Thursday night.

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