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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

The Sunday April 7, 2019 Double Header at Hiester's H.O. Raceway was a nice event with the 8-Lane Race for the Mods and a regular show for the Sprints.  This was a totally free event for fun to get our out of town supporters one last oppurtunity to race this season.  We started with the Mighty Modifieds which we had 17 Racers for the event.  Taking the win was 2019 Point Champion Shane Hiester.  Shane won 5 segments on the day to win the race by just under a lap.  Second went to older brother Sheldon Hiester.  Sheldon won 1 segment on the day, and was the only racer to finish on the lead lap on Lane 1.  Third went to track owner Tom Hiester.  Tom won 4 segments on the day to end the year on a good run.  Fourth went to Joe Pieja.  Joe won 3 segments on the day.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Peyton Kochel in his first race in a year and a half.  Peyton won 3 segments on the day.  The rest of the field went as follows: 6-Dakota Barlet (4 wins), 7-Dennis Barlet (1 win), 8-Tim Kline, 9-Mike Hess, 10-Devin Gundrum, 11-Wally Jabbs, 12-Elmer Santiago, 13-Rodney Koch, 14-Derek Jabbs, 15-Becky Gundrum, 16-Jazmin Columbo, and 17-Levi Gundrum.  This race was sponsored by Bob Greene and Pioneer Pole Buildings as usual.  Thanks to Bob for the continued support, and the shirts, hats, pens, and decals.  Thanks to the Gundrum family for bringing chips and dip.  We had pizza and Philly Soft Pretzels on the menu for the day.  Nobody crashed out on Lane 1 so that was great driving by everyone because Lane 1 is super tight and tough.  Peyton Kochel made a rare start since the teenager moved to Quakertown struggle on Lane 1, but didn't get lapped after that.  He never was a huge fan of the 8-Lane Race.  Wally and Derek Jabbsmade the long tow from Long Island, New York to race with us again.  Wally just missed a Top 10 finish by 11 segments to Devin Gundrum, and Derek finished 14th finishing every segment an improvement from the last time he was here.  Rodney Koch made a rare start for the double header this time in a Ryan Godown machine not a Craig Whitmoyer car and finished 13th.  Tim Kline and Mike Hess made the drive from the Berwick area to race and both came away with Top 10 runs.  Tim came home 8th and Mike was 9th.  It was the last race of the season so newcomer Elmer Santiago told Tom we had to have a Cash Dash so he put up the $10 for the Cash Dash.  Shane Hiester won the Cash Dash followed by Tom Hiester 2nd and Rodney Koch 3rd.  Thanks to Elmer for doing that it wasn't necessary, but we appreciate him doing that.  It was good racing all day long especially after Lane 1 was done with.  Thanks to everyone for the continued support, this year was a tough and trying year but we got through it.  We had a good season with a good group of people.  We will be back next year with "Thursday Night Thunder" as regularly planned races such as the Night before Thanksgiving Hall of Fame Night, Wingless Sprints, Coupe night, 8-Lane Race for Blackie PPB Night and much more will be back on the schedule.  It was a short successful season thanks to all who made it happen.

1-Shane Hiester 118.26

2-Sheldon Hiester 117.28

3-Tom Hiester 116.26

4-Joe Pieja 116.20

5-Peyton Kochel 115.34

6-Dakota Barlet 115.18

7-Dennis Barlet 112.30

8-Tim Kline 112.29

9-Mike Hess 108.35

10-Devin Gundrum 106.38

11-Wally Jabbs 106.27

12-Elmer Santiago 106.00

13-Rodney Koch 102.28

14-Derek Jabbs 96.27

15-Becky Gundrum 95.17

16-Jazmin Columbo 94.14

17-Levi Gundrum 86.02

In the Sprint Car portion of the double header to finish off the season we had 12 racers participate in the event.  Taking the victory in the Sprint Race was Sheldon Hiester who won 4 of his 6 races to grab the victory.  Second place went to Dakota Barlet who seemed to have his car running the best it has this season in the final race in which he won 4 of his 6 races as well.  Third place went to his father Dennis Barlet who turned in another strong run turning his sprint car program around here the past few races with strong runs each time out as Dennis won 3 of his 6 races.  Fourth place went to Shane Hiester who won 2 of his 6 races on his way to another Top 5 finish.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Tom Hiester who ha dsome handling issues all day after having to change his frame from breaking it in pre-race warm-ups making the car run differently then he was used too it running for him.  The rest of the field finished up like this: 6-Mike Hess, 7-Wally Jabbs, 8-Rodney Koch, 9-Tim Kline, 10-Derek Jabbs, 11-Elmer Santiago, and 12-Jazmin Columbo.  Some racers had things to do on this nice day so after the Modified race a few competitors left leaving us with the 12 that stayed, and we got Wally and Derek Jabbs on early to go right through so they could get on their 3 hour trip back to New York as soon as possible.  Wally ran well in his 1st start in the Sprint Division in a new car built for him by Sheldon Hiester and the body painted by Tom Hiester, and the car got bstronger as the dya went on as he almost won 2 segments but came up just short at the end of teh race for the segment wins.  Derek borrowed a car from Shane Hiester and drove it to a Top 10 finish which isn't bad for only his 3rd start at the oval and the 1st driving a sprint car here.  Rodney Koch made a rare start in the Sprints as well driving to an 8th place finish and said before leaving that he felt as this run was a good building block for him with that car heading into our season next year as he felt his car was strong and with more time behind the trigger driving this sprint car he will end up with better results then he has in the past when running the Sprints.  Mike Hess had another strong showing finishing 6th in his 2nd start of the season in the Sprints finishing with a 5th and a 6th in his 2 starts in the division.  His Co-pilot from Berwick, PA as well Tim Kline finished 9th turning in a better run then his 1st Spint car race of the season as he had nothing but struggles in his 1st race of the season in them and was much happier with his results when leaving on Sunday as he did not want to take all of his Sprints and turn them inot Modifieds like after the 1st run of the season with the Sprints.  We would like to thank all of the competitors that raced here throughout the season and to them for dealing with the delayed strat at the beginning of the season as we now will look forward to the 2019-2020 season that will start in October and hopefully turn into one of our best seasons we have had here at Hiester's H.O. Raceway.  We will be doing a season review in the next couple of weeks and posting some updates on here and on Facebook as well over the summer periodically to let you know what is going on here at the Raceway.

1-Sheldon Hiester 89.30

2-Dakota Barlet 89.10

3-Dennis Barlet 88.33

4-Shane Hiester 88.06

5-Tom Hiester 85.22

6-Mike Hess 82.38

7-Wally Jabbs 80.18

8-Rodney Koch 77.28

9-Tim Kline 77.25

10-Derek Jabbs 69.23

11-Elmer Santiago 67.34

12-Jazmin Columbo 64.16

The Sixth and final point event for the Sprints of the 2018-2019 Season at Hiester's H.O. Raceway was held tonight Thursday April 4, 2019 and we had 11 drivers on hand for the event sponsored by Mike Feltenberger's Strapped-In Magazine and TV Show.  The win tonight went to Sheldon Hiester who won 4 races on the night on his way to the win.  Second place went to Dennis Barlet who has been running alot better in the last couple of sprint races as he switched to a different car and seems to like how this one runs for him.  Dennis won 3 races on the night.  Third went to Mike Feltenberger who backed up his win last Sprint Race with another strong Top 5 run despite driving tonight with only being able to see out of 1 eye.  Bear won 4 races on the night as well.  Fourth place went to Shane Hiester who won 1 race on the night.  Rounding out the Top 5 in fifth was Dakota Barlet who won 2 races on the night.  The rest of the field finished up like this: 6-Joe Pieja, 7-Tom Hiester, 8-Chris Brubaker, 9-Elmer Santiago, 10-Jazmin Columbo, 11-Savannah Miller.  We would like to thank all of those Racers who supported us here when they could this season which was a trying season with everything that went on at the beginning of the season with the delayed start, but all in all the Regular Season went well and fun was had by all that made it to a race here this season.  We would also like to thank our continued support from our sponsors we have for some of our races each year, as this year with an abbreviated schedule we did not fit all of our annual sponsors or races in, but next year they will be back on the schedule in their nights like past seasons.  Mike Feltenberger sponsored tonight's action and payed everyone's entry fee, paid for a Cash Dash won by Tom Hiester, followed by Sheldon Hiester in 2nd, and Dennis Barlet in 3rd as well as doing some other things throughout the night to keep the night intersting.  The point season may be over for the 2018-2019 Season, but the racing action is not as we will hold one more event this Sunday April 7, 2019 which will consist of our Annual 8 Lane Race for Blackie The Coal Miner sponsored by Pioneer Pole Buildings for our Modifieds, and then after that we will be running a regular 6 Lane Sprint Car Race with Warm-ups beginning @ 10AM and the 1st Race for the Modifieds slated to start at 11:30AM.  Philly Soft Pretzels and Pizza will be on the menu for Sunday for those who make it to the event which seems to be shaping up into a pretty big event if all would show that have shown interest in the event.  Some of the spponsors we had in our abbreviated season this year were Eastern Rigging, Manmiller Electric and Racing, Lightnig Bodies by Rick Laubach, Pioneer Pole Buildings, Hiester's H.O. Silicone Tires, and Strapped-In Magazine and TV Show.

1-Sheldon Hiester 119.27

2-Dennis Barlet 119.14

3-Mike Feltenberger 119.06

4-Shane Hiester 118.01

5-Dakota Barlet 115.24

6-Joe Pieja 115.15

7-Tom Hiester 112.08

8-Chris Brubaker 112.00

9-Elmaer Santiago 98.09

10-Jazmin Columbo 83.00

11-Savannah Miller 81.08















































Next Race: See You in October 2019 for Practice Night